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Attention is cast upon the exterior world with an infinite scale of intensities. From hyperfocus to ambient impression, the makeup of a memory is always a complex assemblage of sensory inputs. Captured but never fixed, memories grow more distorted with time. Intimate memories intertwine with constructed social memory to build individual and collective fictions of the present. My […]

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Laura Stein, Executive Director of Dancing Grounds The first annual eDGe Dance Festival represents our latest effort at Dancing Grounds to raise the bar for New Orleans contemporary dance performance. Dancing Grounds is a nonprofit community organization with the mission to provide high-quality dance education and performance programs to New Orleanians of all ages. We […]

Jumping on my soapbox… Let me just say, “What’s the deal with grocery stores and New Orleans?” I know that on every corner there is a place to get food. Sometimes the place is fancy, sometimes it’s a dive; and other times you just aren’t sure what it is, but it works because it’s New […]

Do you consider yourself a student, or have you at one point decided you are no longer a student and that you are a master? OK, maybe not master, but you know what I mean. You’re done with school or university or whatever certification you were last working on and you’ve entered into the territory […]

I’m an over-doer, recovering multi-tasker, unrelenting hustler, and a damn hard worker. The problem: I work myself into failure. I overcommit myself out of success. As soon as an opportunity arises, especially if I’ve worked particualary hard at getting the universe to work with me and make some magical collision of time and resource, that’s […]

A Guide to Climbing, Experiencing & Cherishing the Waterslide Climb to the top and teeter on the edge. Then, go down. Cherish this. Or, is this too simple? When we get to the top of our metaphorical waterslides, we realize a few things: First, it is much higher than we ever imagined, panic sets in, and […]

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