John David Harding

September 2012. John David Harding will be the Studiola’s first curator.

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John David’s work has been published in BAP-Quarterly, The Smoking Glue Gun, monkeybicycle, Cha,
and The Pinch. He lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Curatorial Statement of Intent:

You have just graduated with an MFA degree in Creative Writing.
Awesome! You see the world through a critical lens. Everything is an
experiment. Overheard conversations, ephemera, minutiae–all of it is
useful to your work. Suddenly, you are out of money. Here is the
kicker: It is time to make money, not art. Now what? For me, answering
this question has been an exercise in denial. It has also led to a
type of regression. Being outside of the MFA program’s protective
cloisture, I am making more conservative choices, artistically and
personally. Think of it as a return to the closet, of sorts. And that
is what I will be grappling with here on Nola Studiola, with a little
help from my friends.

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