Drea Knufken

October 2014 brings Drea Knufken to the Studiola!


Drea Knufken is a freelance writer, editor and content strategist. She has published bylined and ghostwritten articles in Salon, WIRED, National Geographic, Backpacker and Natural Health, among others. Her book, “The Backroads and Byways of Colorado,” is now in its second edition. She’s also a reader for Narrative Magazine.

Curatorial Statement: How do you write when you live nowhere? How do you piece together coherent experience when your home is a blur on the highway, or a sopping wet campground and, rather than being a female Jack Kerouac, you wedge in creative hours around that thing called Paying Work? My intent this month is to explore how life on the road both feeds creativity and munches it to pieces. An image-heavy exploration, this month’s curation include glimpses into this alternative lifestyle I’ve chosen, known alternately as technomadism, Airstreaming, folly and brilliance.

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