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November 2015 is MOTHERFLOCKERS

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le Pain film

The development of the dance piece le Pain was one of true mutual ownership and collaboration between Gregory, Jordon, and myself. Subsequently, when we went to translate it into a film we tried to keep the production non-hierarchical and collaborative, where each person wore multiple hats. The Director of Photography, Christian Hardy, danced with the camera […]

I am interested in dance as a wound, how physically one can push the body to the point of exhaustion and submission, to the point of doing violence. In the choreographic process for the stage version of le Pain, which was an intense, intimate collaboration with Jordon Waters and Gregory Dorado, I was focused on […]

An intro from FLOCK Artistic Director and Choreographer Meryl Murman I like questions without answers – or at least without singular easily definable ones. Such as: Why do people lie? Why do we so often feel compelled to distract ourselves from being intimate with each other? Why do we create borders and binaries? Is it […]

Not exactly books, but I keep files and files and files of collections like tiles, architects, rooms I like, lighting, garden, equipment, textiles for the fantasy home I’ll likely never get to build. I just had an epiphany. My mother had a room in our house with a big old typewriter surrounded by files and […]

DAVID LETTERMAN AND MOM Mom  and I stood across the street from Trump Tower, two years after it was built wondering who was at the center of the crowd of people out front that included an NBC film crew. Seeing the interior of Trump Tower was on our visitors list, anyway. Later I learned that […]