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November 2015 is MOTHERFLOCKERS

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I can’t believe I just started drawing in ink in this beautiful book. Nowadays I would first draw it to death before ever putting ink to paper. Cartoonist Lynda Barry has her students use a Staedtler Non-Photo Blue Pencil so they can sketch away until they find the right lines, then ink those. When the drawing […]

As a kid,  I mailed off pictures of jets with thrilling advertising copy like FLY SAFE, FLY DELTA, fully expecting to see them in Life Magazine. So it was words and pictures from an early age.  Visual arts kept me going all my life with words sneaking in as mere accents but sometimes the words […]

In 1956, the days of truly live television, a big TV hit called Queen For A Day had three women pour out their tragic life stories and compete for the answer to their prayers, a queenly red velvet robe, a seat on a throne, a bunch of long stemmed roses, –not to mention a glittering crown. Usually they would […]

When Alison asked me to curate Nola Studiola for September I was flattered and very intimidated by the previous wonderful posts. I did what writers do and sat down for many days, and threw up all over the page with whatever words and thoughts arose. Eventually some themes emerged: books, words and pictures, what my […]