Marin Sardy

I am pleased and honored to announce that September 2014 brings Marin Sardy to Nola Studiola.
I met Marin in a crowded bar in New York City, thanks to Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art and Sarah Perry.
Marin Sardy’s essays have appeared in the Missouri Review, Post Road, Bayou, Lumina, Phoebe, Luna Luna, and several other journals and magazines, as well as two books published by the University of New Mexico Press—Landscape Dreams (2012) and Ghost Ranch and the Faraway Nearby (2009). Sardy has an M.F.A. in Nonfiction from Columbia University and is the nonfiction editor of Cactus Heart literary magazine. She is currently writing a memoir. In the past few years her writing has mostly involved topics relating to mental illness, such as here and here. In August, she was interviewed about her writing here.




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