Month: July 2013

Things are changing both fast and slow here, and some of it falls along the tectonic timeline plates of “Before the Storm” and “After the Storm.” My friend Val attends neighborhood homeowners association meetings, where twenty to thirty residents, ranging in age from early 40’s to elderly squeeze into children’s desks in the local school […]

New Orleans. July 2013. “Every week or so he comes out of his house with an old Mardi Gras cup and a paintbrush,” says Val, my scientist friend who lives here. “And his glasses are perched way down on his nose like this,” she puckers her mouth and squints her eyes as if balancing a […]

Sometimes on this blog of Whimsy there comes time for the deeper stuff, which I will title “Meditations” so as to provide a reader with a head’s up, and, if you so desire, an opportunity to skip over said deeper-stuff posts. You’ve been warned! Two or three men ago, in the almost-tail end of a […]